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We are professional hackers

with wide-ranging industry experience across military, industrial and enterprise sectors drawing on 'self-honed’ talent.

Replicating Script Kiddies, Hackers, Disruptors, or even Nation State Actors

Our consultants are able to perform simulations of the above-mentioned attackers.  Leveraging extensive experience in the field of technical security, the Privasec RED team provide tailor-made testing scenarios to match the requirements of their clients, ensuring that both technical risks as well as business risks are accurately assessed.

“Security runs within our blood, so we hold the confidentiality and cyber resilience of our clients in the highest regard” 

Winter is coming

It is an unfortunate and tough reality that the majority of companies will eventually experience a breach. In times of need, Privasec RED shifts their focus from “security” to “resilience” by aiding you prepare, resist, and resume with business better.

Using our experience in the field, we have designed a set of pre-breach services to ensure you are prepared for the worst. 

Want to help secure high-profile clients, and have fun doing it?

Get The Ball Rolling

To discuss how the Privasec RED Team can help you test your defences and/or train your staff, call us on 1800 996 001 or use the contact form below.

Our direct and flexible approach means we can get your Red Team attack going in as quickly as 24 hours.

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