Defensive Security Services


Privasec will respond to an incident, collect evidence, look to contain the threat and provide forensic analysis as part of the investigation. Our consultants aim to determine the underlying root cause while restoring operations to Business as Usual (BAU) as timely as possible. Our services provide support and assistance to C-Suite and affected staff during the investigation period.


Our RED team will conduct a tailored training program for your developers based on their daily operations. Items covered will include an introduction to the top software vulnerabilities, examples of how they are exploited and recommendations on preventing them. An introduction to several Secure System-Development-Lifecycle (SDLC) methodologies will be provided with hands-on training on mitigating systemic issues in large code-based applications.


Our RED team will conduct a table-top exercise to assess your organisation's readiness and flow of communication in a simulated incident. This exercise analyses the forensic and incident response capability of your teams, as well as more granular items such as fatigue, tooling, mandatory reporting and communication. The simulation makes use of custom injections and scenarios faced by our consultants in hundreds of client interactions.


Cyber-attacks are more targeted and financially motivated than ever before. The random whiz-kid and activist hackers have made way for disciplined and well organised criminal groups for hire to the highest bidder, costing Australian businesses millions each year.

The public and market expectations for security has and is continuing to grow rapidly. Legislation is also catching up and Australian Company Directors are now personally liable for breaches involving customer data, hence, driving cyber security up on the executive agenda.

Get The Ball Rolling

To discuss how the Privasec RED Team can help you test your defences and/or train your staff, call us on 1800 996 001 or use the contact form below.

Our direct and flexible approach means we can get your Red Team attack going in as quickly as 24 hours.

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